Case Study: Sustainable Gastronomy


Sustainable Gastronomy is a collaboration between Breakthrough Institute founder Ted Nordhaus, a leading global thinker on food, energy, and the environment, and Alex Tishman, executive chef for Big City Chefs.

Challenge and Goals

To design a logo, email and print invitation that would capture the event’s focus on sustainably-raised ingredients coupled with innovative scientific techniques. From the event’s text: “Featured products will include apples that don’t brown and potatoes that don’t bruise, fish from innovative aquaculture facilities and sustainably raised feedlot meat, as well as plant-based shrimp, wine produced without grapes, precision-grown, high-yield rice and, yes, the lowly supermarket tomato. Each has a story to tell about sustainability and the culinary qualities that high-tech, high-productivity products offer.”


The Breakthrough


Sustainable Gastronomy


Logo design
Print design
Email template design
Research and development


Colored Pencils and Bristol Board



The logo’s goal was to meld scientific innovation with the art of gastronomic technique. Several avenues were explored, in addition to typography and palette to strike the right tone.

The print invitation served as a reveal to learn more — each subsequent turn of the page added more information about the event, while the flat initial presentation gave date and RSVP instructions to the invited.

The email invitation, captured below, served to capture the visual elements of the print invitation and allow the user to travel from start to finish in a manner befitting the medium.

Email invitation

Typography and palette explorations


Initial logo sketches


Logo iterations to final


The event sparked new conversations on sustainable and scientific techniques to create attainable gastronomic delights and has become a regularly scheduled occurrence for The Breakthrough.